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New feature: Online profiles

One of the new and anticipated features og TVA 2.1.12 is the ability to store your settings online and access it from different computers. Your profile consist of your channel selection, all your current alerts and the configuration for your automatic searches. In addition, it can be configures to include most of your preference settings excluding some system/location dependent of course…

The online profile feature is still quite experimental. By time the syncronization is intended to be completely automatic, but so far uploading and downloading of profiles is a manual operation.

Get started

First of all you need to register yourself with a username and a password. Your profile is attached to these credentials. Open the Preferences dialog and find the Profile Settings tab. Enter a desired username and a password. These credentials are used to download your profile on other computers later on. If you choose a username that already exist, you will be notified.

In use

To save and upload your profile press Ctrl+Shift+U. This will upload your settings to the online server. To download and load your profile on another computer, configure the profile system with your credentials as described above, and then press Ctrl+Shift+D.

At the time this is a manual process, so be carefull not to overwrite your profile with an empty one when configuring TVA on an new computer, i.e. uploading a “blank” one instead og downloading the previously saved one.

Since this currently is an experimental feature, please report any bugs or anomalies you may encounter.

Showview codes

Good news and bad news… 😐

Showview codes are back, but for a selected set of channels only and occasionally for a limited selection of programs only. The selection of channels to include showview codes for is system limited at this time, but we are working on better solutions with this.

And also, some of the available showview codes are “best-fits”. That means that you may end up recording more than the program you’re interested in. Never the less, the complete program in question will be recorded. This may also cause multiple consecutive programs to get the same code. This is not a bug, but a known issue with the current ShowView code system.

And again, please report invalid codes or other bugs you may encounter… 🙂