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Channels updated

Good news, some new channels!!

Channel updates have been long due, now the channel selection has been cleaned up again. Several obsolete channels have been removed and some have been added.

Here is a summary:

  • TV2’s Premier League channels have been relabeled to Sport Premium, they need to be
  • H2 has been added, finally, by long due request.
  • Content sources are updated for several channels to resolve empty program lists.
  • Some empty or redundant channels have been removed.

Check your options for new and changed channels in your selection.

Showview codes

Good news and bad news… 😐

Showview codes are back, but for a selected set of channels only and occasionally for a limited selection of programs only. The selection of channels to include showview codes for is system limited at this time, but we are working on better solutions with this.

And also, some of the available showview codes are “best-fits”. That means that you may end up recording more than the program you’re interested in. Never the less, the complete program in question will be recorded. This may also cause multiple consecutive programs to get the same code. This is not a bug, but a known issue with the current ShowView code system.

And again, please report invalid codes or other bugs you may encounter… 🙂

More channels!

Finally the new TV-Guide parser system is in place. This means more channels and better, more consistent program information. (Hopefully!)

As of now the database contains program information for 82 (eighty-two) TV and Radio channels. All recent channels requests have been taken into account, and are included in the channel selection. (There, is pays to ask for channels and features… 😉

Please note that some channels have been renamed for compatibility reasons. Some users may have to recheck their channel selection to get alle the channels they used to have. On second thought, everyone should check the new channel selection out! 🙂

And as always, please report program anomalies, bad data and other bugs.