TVAnyWhere 2.0

Takes your TV experience to the next level…

Did you ever look all around the house for the TV guide? Did you ever miss a show because you forgot what time it started, or forgot to set the VCR? Ever seen a a good TV show in the TV guide, only to find out it was yesterday? Ever wanted an internet application to solve all your TV problems? Look no further, download TV AnyWhere today!

TVA features a nice explorer-like view of channels programs and details.

TVA features a nice explorer-like view of channels programs and details.

TV AnyWhere downloads schedules from the internet and organizes them in a tasteful explorer-like application. Its easy to find the special program you’re looking for, or simply just check what’s on for the next few hours. This is a must-have for the active watcher in today’s modern Internet society.

  • Includes more than 100 different Norwegian TV and radio channels
  • Very customizable and user friendly
  • Packed with download and visual options
  • Advanced search options, including automatic searches
  • Program alert capabilities
  • A timeline display gives you complete overview
  • Low on system resources, runs on recent Windows versions, Windows 7 and later
  • Tested with Wine on recent Ubuntu releases.
  • Native 64-bit version available
  • Best of all: Its free!

To download simply click Download in the menu above.

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