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Updated Website

Finally, the website is seeing some updates! 🙂 The back-end is completely overhauled with new hardware and upgraded software. The front-end has got some cosmetic changes.

Most stuff should still work fine, but do let us know if you encounter something fishy.

Use the forum!

Forum Spam

Over the last weeks the number of boring “porn-and-viagra-ad” spam messages in the TVA support forum increased dramatically. To try to prevent this, one now need to be registered and logged inn to post or reply to discussion topics. The forums was intended to be open for all, so feel free to register and add a post… 🙂

SSL Certificates – Updated

As it turns out the certificates form CACert.org sucked. Please download the LCHSoft.net CA certificate instead. Read more about secure email

Users of the webmail system horde.lchsoft.net will notice that the old SSL security certificates are no longer valid. Signed certificates from CACert.org are now used for SSL security both for webmail and regular secure email. The old **.lchsoft.net certificates can be deleted from browsers and cellphones.