New feature: Online profiles

One of the new and experiental features of TVA 2.1.12 is the possibility to syncronize your TVA settings between computers. Its easy to keep your channel collection and automatic searches in a consistent state. Read on to get started using online profiles…

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TVA20 Build 2.1.12 is available

Version 2.1.12 of TVA20 is now available from the download page. This is a critical update, a serious bug limiting the number of total channels available is fixed. In addition some new features and bugfixes are in place. The changes are summarized below.

  • Online profile support. You may store your settings profile online and download to different computers, a neat way to keep TVA consistent between whereever you may use it.
  • New nice MSN-style alerts
  • Critical channel list bug fixed
  • Improved Vista compatibility
  • More channels will be available shortly; 109 all in all now… :)

Download and enjoy!

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Showview codes

Good news and bad news… :|

Showview codes are back, but for a selected set of channels only and occasionally for a limited selection of programs only. The selection of channels to include showview codes for is system limited at this time, but we are working on better solutions with this.

And also, some of the available showview codes are “best-fits”. That means that you may end up recording more than the program you’re interested in. Never the less, the complete program in question will be recorded. This may also cause multiple consecutive programs to get the same code. This is not a bug, but a known issue with the current ShowView code system.

And again, please report invalid codes or other bugs you may encounter… :)

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